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This forum is for everything related to the Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail (CT).

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 .Gpx File11333/8/2017 gubbool
 Ct Trip Beginning November 14859810/6/2016 hurricanecamille
 Spot And Other Plb's29289/26/2016 gubbool
 Canoeing The Gulf?75849/24/2016 dupont
 75 Miles In 6 Days?79408/7/2016 justins
 Need 2 Copies Of 4th Edition Of Ct 07175/6/2016 ls1957
 Whats New On The Ct Dec 2015068112/30/2015 ls1957
 Segment 4574711/12/2015 blackdog
 Alternate Ct Keys Mainland Route07675/29/2015 ls1957
 Tales From The Trail, Ct Event, Sat08614/22/2015 ls1957
 Upper Keys Paddling48604/4/2015 bowers06
 Sebastian To Jacksonville Ct Paddle18493/21/2015 bowers06
 Spots To Sleep Not In Guide Book716872/10/2015 bowers06
 Top 5 Places To Eat: West Coast CT 611901/20/2015 bowers06
 Big Bend Saltwater Paddling Trail P29281/20/2015 ls1957
 Mile 480 Navigation47761/14/2015 bowers06
 Panama City To Ecofina River396112/31/2014 joefabitz
 Flamingo To Miami18996/13/2014 joefabitz
 Florida East Coast Ct Paddling27965/23/2014 bowers06
 Everglades To Miami28844/2/2014 joefabitz

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