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Spot And Other Plb's

Post By:gubbool on 6/16/2015 1:00amicon
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Perhaps of interest to people using a PLB like SPOT of findmeSPOT.com.

Spotwalla.com supports a couple of features that are improvements to the Corp page and supports several types of PLB's including gpx-supporting generic apps (which I have no idea about). The email alert system is superior to the system at findmeSPOT and SW supports a pre-defined route.

A new website that I am thinking is going to prove better is maprogress.com. I am still working with the features but there is one feature that really stands out. Allowing the general public to follow you has risks. Each site has a method to secure the tracking data with a password. Maprogress also has a method to delay the data (for days/weeks) for a public map. This is handy for interviews posted newpapers or with people that you meet along the way.

I am working on another project just now, but if someone is expecting to paddle the CT in the near future, perhaps I could help with setup. I have NOT updated my map and data of the CT in quite awhile, but the path has changed little.


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RE: Spot And Other Plb's
Post By: dejavu on 6/16/2015 6:44am

Thanks for posting, good info!

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RE: Spot And Other Plb's
Post By: hurricanecamille on 9/26/2016 8:08am

I'm looking for more information about this. Can you send me a site or other information? Thank you so much.

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