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How Far Have You Been Up The Pinhook River?

Post By:bloodychamp on 1/17/2016 11:16am
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Hi...I've used this site as a reference tool many times over the years, particularly Biscuitsglb34 page about the Pinhook River. What's the farthest you've paddled or motored up it from the bridge? Could you have went any farther if you wanted? I don't doubt that logs would be a problem, but the only thing that would actually stop me would be actual living trees growing in and blocking the river like they somehow do in the upper St Marks no matter how deep it gets (lol!).

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RE: How Far Have You Been Up The Pinhook River?
Post By: ls1957 on 2/17/2016 5:33am

The important thing is to access Pinhook on a rising tide. With enough water you can paddle all the way to the tram bridge. Powerboat success will vary depending on deadfall. Fishing is excellent!

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