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Looking For Central Fl Kayak-Photo Advice

Post By:murrayh77 on 2/5/2016 10:39amicon
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Hello, i'm MurrayH77 from Philadelphia area. I'm potentially planning to do some paddling in FL at the end of March, 2016 (first FL trip). Home base will be near Kissimmee. I plan to try and get over to
Clearwater too, as i want to see a home Philllies spring training game or two.

I'm primarily a flat water paddler, interested in taking a full-blown bird camera on the boat and getting to places where i can take good bird/wildlife photos. With the cheap gas of the moment, I would plan to bring my own kayak, a Carolina 14.5 with a rudder.

Places that have caught my eye so far are Merritt Island NWR kayak tour, Honeymoon Island causeway, and Hillsborough River downstream run. A couple of these might be with an outfitter, Honeymoon Island causeway i would just plan to drive up & launch. Hillsborough River did not pop up on searches, but someone had a set of bird pictures on this FPT site that were identified as Hillsborough River. when i saw photo of a limpkin in this photo set, i immediately put Hillsborough River near the top of the list.

Any advice / recommendations - i'll likely be staying in Celebration / Kissimmee area but will have the ability to overnight at arbitrary spots.

Thanx in advance,


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