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Canoeing The Gulf?

Post By:dupont on 9/14/2016 9:16amicon
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I'm wondering if it is possible to canoe segments 1 through 15 instead of sea kayak? What's people's thoughts on that?

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RE: Canoeing The Gulf?
Post By: dejavu on 9/14/2016 10:53am

It is my opinion that a open canoe would not be a good choice and could be dangerous, but in a completely covered canoe like the Kruger it would be very doable with good skills. However, it is highly recommended that you use a sea kayak with a rudder or skeg.

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RE: Canoeing The Gulf?
Post By: icantsleep on 9/14/2016 11:09am

Hi Dupont,
Interesting question. While anything is possible, I'd say from a safety aspect alone a canoe isn't wise.

Wind, wave chop, and currents along the CT can be treacherous. Some areas that come to mind in segments1-15 are East Pass, Saint Andrews Inlet, Tampa Bay, and Florida Bay.

My 2 cents are to err on the side of caution.



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RE: Canoeing The Gulf?icon
Post By: dupont on 9/14/2016 12:46pm

Thanks for the heads up. I was thinking it's probably not wise to be in a open boat. Coming from the west coast I'm unsure of the conditions in the gulf.

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RE: Canoeing The Gulf?icon
Post By: dupont on 9/14/2016 12:54pm

Thanks Marc for advice! Im glad you mentioned the trickier parts that I should be aware of. I am in the beginning of planning for a long expedition. I am leaving in June to begin canoeing down the Mississippi from lake itasca and then paddle to the Florida keys from there. That was why I wanted to try to keep the canoe but it sounds like switching to a sea kayak would be wise.
Any other advice you have that you feel I should know would be very helpful.
Thanks again!

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RE: Canoeing The Gulf?
Post By: bowers06 on 9/14/2016 2:16pm

There can be moments on the Kayak that would be sketchy that would be a borderline emergency in a canoe. Strongly discouraged.

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RE: Canoeing The Gulf?
Post By: kpjredfish on 9/18/2016 5:08pm

The difference, I think, is that if a canoe gets swamped you're in real trouble, especially alone. A sea kayak can roll, and if properly sealed, won't take on much water.
However, I used to paddle parts of Apalachicola Bay in a canoe. Basically I stayed close to shore. And I've also canoed parts of the Everglades, where there is a kind of inland portion of the CT trail. So you <could> canoe many segments, if you were very, very careful. But I wouldn't. I gave up canoeing the Bay and Gulf years ago, and much prefer yaks, and feel they are safer. But if you are canoeing down the Mississippi that's big water, too.

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RE: Canoeing The Gulf?
Post By: overstreet on 9/24/2016 7:00am

You never said what canoe, configuration, and paddling experience. Everyone visualizes a 1967 Grumman aluminum canoe when you just say canoe. But there is a whole other world out there in canoes. For example see this article on paddling big water. rules for paddling big water

Yes, you could get swamped, but what fills the volumne of the canoe. You see in the article they put spray covers on the boat to keep water out. Then too you don't see what the gear is packed in. I'm thinking that if everything was in puffed up dry bags then there is less room for water. Think white water canoe bags. canoe with bags Many kayakers fill the float chambers with dry bags and bladders to be sure.

Then there's tripping canoes. There was mention in a Water Tribe story of a guy that paddled the Everglades Challenge in a Kruger Canoe. They thought he was crazy but then found out he'd paddled the Mississippi, Alaska and others far flung parts in the same canoe. Kruger Canoes

Then there's you. Do you have rough water experience?

Is it possible? Yes. Can you do it? How prepared are you?

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