S8ICW Day Paddles and Overnight Trips

Intracoastal Waterway

All maps are printable in an 8.5 X 11" format. To print out maps in full size, please download them first to your computer before printing.

Anclote Key PaddleMapInfo Sheet
Anclote Key Primitive Camp TripMapInfo Sheet
BC 21 Primitive Camping TripMapInfo Sheet
Boca Ciega Bay PaddleMapInfo Sheet
Dunedin Causeway North PaddleMapInfo Sheet
Dunedin Causeway South PaddleMapInfo Sheet
Egmont Key CircumnavigationMapInfo Sheet
Ft Desoto CircumnavigationMapInfo Sheet
Maximo Park PaddleMapInfo Sheet
Millennium Park PaddleMapInfo Sheet
Mullet Key PaddleMapInfo Sheet
Shell Key Primitive Camp TripMapInfo Sheet
Spoil Island 13 Primitive Camp TripMapInfo Sheet
Tarpon Key/Whale Island PaddleMapInfo Sheet
Three Rooker Bar PaddleMapInfo Sheet
Treasure Island CircumnavigationMapInfo Sheet
Documents Attached to S8ICW Day Paddles and Overnight Trips:
Anclote Key
Anclote Key Camp
BC 21 Camp
Boca Ciega Bay
Dunedin Causeway North
Dunedin Causeway South
Egmont Key
Ft Desoto
Maximo Park
Millennium Park
Mullet Key
Shell Key Camp
Spoil Island 13 Camp
Tarpon Key-Whale Island
Three Rooker Bar
Treasure Island