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Suwannee lies within the Suwannee River estuary, surrounded by the Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge and just a few river miles from the Gulf of Mexico. While evidence of ancient Native Americans exists throughout the area, and the great Suwannee River attracted military activity during the Civil War, the community was not permanently settled until around 1900 when the Odlund family and others took possession of small islands in the estuary.

In the 1960s-1970s, the mainland community was developed with a few subdivisions on canals. Today, Suwannee remains a small, peaceful community - truly a place to get away and experience nature without the distractions of crowds or traffic. Almost every home in the small community is waterfront, either on the river, on salt creeks or on manmade canals. Fishing, water sports and nature watching are the favorite activities




Notable Places to Visit

Paddling the Lower Suwannee Mational Wildlife Refuge


The 53,000 acre Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1979 to protect one of the largest undeveloped river-delta estuarine systems in the United States. The constant influx of nutrients from the river combined with numerous off-shore islands and tidal creeks create excellent wildlife habitat. Swallow-tailed kites, bald eagles, West Indian manatees, Gulf sturgeon, whitetailed deer, and eastern wild turkeys are but a few of the wildlife species that inhabit the Refuge. Natural salt marshes, tidal flats, bottomland hardwood swamps, and pine forests provide habitat for thousands of creatures - both large and small.

The Refuge offers recreational and educational activities for everyone. Bird and wildlife observation, wildlife photography, fishing, paddling, hunting, and interpretive walks are all available. Several boardwalks and observation towers offer unique views of Refuge wildlife and habitat.




Suwannee Guides & Outfitters - 352-542-8331 - Captain Kay McCallister - Captain Russ McCallister - Captain Keith Brown

Suwannee Guides & Outfitters



Places to Stay:


Places to Eat: 

  •    Salt Creek Restaurant, Hwy 349, Suwannee 352.542.7072. Seafood and Sunsets!
  •    Sarah's Suwannee Café, Hwy 349, Suwannee 352.542.0500 Home-style cooking.
  •    Suwannee Marina and Restaurant, 49 SE 903 Ave, Suwannee 352.542.9159   Open 6 AM  , 7 days.

Launch Sites:

  • Suwannee Community Center kayak launch (unpaved), Hwy 349, Suwannee. Easy access to salt marsh and Gulf. Parking. Picnic pavilion.
  • County boat launch at Anderson Landing River Camp, Hwy 349, Suwannee (paved). Best access to fresh and brackish creeks and marked trails in the Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Munden Creek boat launch (unpaved), end of Munden Creek road (turn right at first intersection). Access to Munden Creek and Gopher River.
  • Dixie Mainline Trail has several launch points for brackish tidal creeks and road access to Shired Island Beach and boat launch.
  • http://www.fws.gov/lowersuwannee/paddlers.html
Note: Some rental houses may have private launch facilities. All launch points are tidally affected. Check wind and weather before launching.


Contacts for Blueway Community Events:

News and Special Reports

Hidden Coast Paddling Festival October 5, 6, and 7 2012

For details and event schedule Hidden Coast Paddling Festival





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