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The Florida Paddling Trails Association is now the steward of all Florida Water Trails. We are looking for Trail Keepers for all water trails.

Future Volunteers

The Florida Paddling Trails needs volunteers to help run the FPTA, which develops water trails, protect the environment and is a resource and voice for paddlers.  Click here to view responsibilities of Trail Keepers.

We have a critical need for the following:

Blueway Communities Coordinator

As we set up Blueway Communities across Florida, we want to establish coordinators in each area of Florida (south, central, north) to work with the communities to develop ideas for paddling events to be held in the communities.  Must be a “people person” and willing to travel to communities in your area.  We estimate that this would take about 2 hours/ week. A complete job description is available if interested.

Regional Director positions
  • Region I  
If you would like to volunteer in any capacity, email  president@floridapaddlingtrails.com.

Current Volunteers

Trail Keeper
Being a FPTA trail keeper, director or other volunteer is a unique & rewarding experience. You are helping Florida's water trails, the environment and the paddling community. For those who have already answered the call, we'd like to say a BIG THANK YOU! If you have suggestions that can make your job easier or FPTA to be a better organization, please email president@floridapaddlingtrails.com.

Trail Keeper Tools

Here are tools designed just for you:

Trail Keeper Segment Information Collection Form.

Entering Trail Info: Procedures for Entering Trail Info on the Web Site

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