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Everglades Wilderness Waterway Report
(Plate Creek Chickee)

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Report By:  Unknown    Date: 4/30/2009    Type: Campsite
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Single chickee (roofed tenting platform on pilings over the water, with a walkway leading to an outhouse)

My Report:

Plate Creek is the Trump Towers of chickees. Built upon the pilings of a former land development company, the platform is much larger than that of any other single chickee. A dock parallels the platform, creating a sheltered mooring bay.

The floorboards of the platform are a bit warped in places, and it can be difficult to find perfectly level ground, but the comfort of having living space large enough to saunter around in more than makes up for the tilted foundation.

Despite its large size, this chickee's capacity is limited to just one party of no more than 6 people.

The chickee is set against a tiny island in Plate Creek Bay. Breezes tend to bend around the key, banishing bugs for the most part.

Listen for dolphins fishing the points around the islet after dark. Listen also for mullet jumps. The record at this chickee is 5 leaps. So far.

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Location Data:

Postal Address: 
Contact Info: 
Gulf Coast Visitor Center

Flamingo Visitor Center
Website URL: www.nps.gov/ever
State Camp ID: N/A
# of Campsites: 1
Site Capacity: 6
Camp Condition: Good
Permits: Required; available at Gulf Coast Visitor and Flamingo Centers
Alt Campsites: Lostman's Five, Darwin's Place
Trail Keeper: Susan Reece
Fees/Costs $: Seasonal-contact NPS

Photos from Plate Creek Chickee:    (Click image to view full size)

Plate Creek Chickee No Comm
Plate Creek Chickee

Plate Creek's oversized platform and docking bay

Plate Creek Chickee No Comm
Plate Creek Chickee

Armchair on the dock

Plate Creek Chickee No Comm
Plate Creek Chickee
Plate Creek sunrise No Comm
Plate Creek sunrise

Post Date: 4/30/2009

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