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Mc Grits Creek Park Trails

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McGIRT'S CREEK -- is accessible where Old Plank Road crosses it between Halsema and Whitehouse, just to the south. McGirt was one of the earliest settlers in this area (1700's), and had a mill somewhere along the creek. Many relics are undoubtedly in t~

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 Date: 2/20/2017
 Miles: 10+Photos: 5 
(McGrits Creek Park Trails Trip Report) McGirts Creek Between the Jacksonvillle -Baldwin trail and Collins Road.

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overstreet on 9/6/2016 7:34am
At the marina mile McGirts creek is known as that area up stream of the Timiquana bridge commonly known as the Ortega River. It is paddle worthy all the way up to Blanding Blvd and a little more. McGirt, the "pirate", lived on McGirts Island which is believed to be some where around Ortega Forest neighborhood. McGirts creek is the prime area for water skiing on weekends. It is also used by the Episcopal HS for rowing events. The river gets narrow about two miles south of the Timiquan bridge. Kayak launch can be done at the Stevens boat ramp at the end of Ortega Farms Blvd. Collins road is 5.5 miles from the boat ramp. It is a fine out and back.

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