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Not all locations can be shown on this map as some locations may not have GPS coordinates recorded. Use the list below or page to find more interesting paddling places.

Location Name within Segment
Alligator Creek-4157Map12/10/2008
Bayou Chico-2414Map12/10/2008
Bayou Marcus-2226Map12/10/2008
Big Juniper Creek5358Map9/9/2010
Big Lagoon State Park4988Map12/4/2009
Big Sabine Point3919Map12/4/2009
Blackwater River-3250Map12/13/2008
Boggy Creek-2413Map12/10/2008
Boiling Creek Canoe Trail-2747Map12/10/2008
Brushy Creek-2514Map12/10/2008
Coldwater Creek-2783Map12/13/2008
East Bay-2188Map12/10/2008
East Bay Blackwater Connector-2270Map12/10/2008
East River Trail3154Map11/20/2012
Escambia River-4727Map12/10/2008
Old River-2175Map12/10/2008
Pensacola Bay-2256Map12/10/2008
Perdido River3484Map6/29/2009
Pine Barren Creek-2153Map12/12/2008
Pond Creek Canoe Kayak Trail-2387Map12/10/2008
Basin Creek Trail-2586Map12/10/2008
Boiling Creek-2679 4/29/2010
Choctawhatchee River Trail-4830Map12/10/2008
Rocky Creek Trail-2732Map12/10/2008
Shoal River-2928Map12/10/2008
Titi Creek-2993Map10/23/2012
Turkey Creek Trail-2590Map6/15/2010
Yellow River3987Map12/13/2008
Crooked Island5347 6/21/2013
Econfina Creek5672 12/31/2013
Grayton Beach-2168 12/11/2008
Holmes Creek-2844Map12/10/2008
Peach Creek-2062 4/29/2010
Seven Runs Creek-2501 4/29/2010
Bob Sikes Cut - St George Isl4482 12/8/2009
Brothers Creek-2193Map12/10/2008
Carrabelle Beach2968 1/7/2009
Cash Creek-3419Map12/10/2008
Chipola River-4738Map5/11/2012
Deal Tower Campsite1492Map2/18/2012
Graham Creek-5100Map12/10/2008
Indian Pass3244 12/8/2009
Little St. George Island3920 2/17/2012
Mosquito Creek-2165Map12/10/2008
Nick's Hole Campsite4249Map2/25/2010
St Joseph Peninsula State Park8893Map3/8/2012
St. George Island State Park5610 2/18/2012
St. Joe Bay-2608 12/11/2008
St. Vincent Island NWR-3171 12/11/2008
Aucilla River-2677Map12/14/2008
Bald Point State Park5271 12/8/2009
Bradford Brook Trail-2781Map12/10/2008
Bradford Chain Of Lakes Trail-2254Map12/10/2008
Carrabelle River3059Map12/8/2009
Crooked River3766Map5/20/2013
Fisher Creek Trail-2227Map12/10/2008
Lafayette Paddling Trails3285Map1/10/2010
Little River Trail-1994Map12/10/2008
Lost Creek Trail-2001Map12/10/2008
Ochlocknee River (Upper)-2775Map12/10/2008
Ochlockonee River (Lower)-3115 12/11/2008
Ochlockonee River State Park2590 12/8/2009
Shell Point-1977 12/11/2008
St. Marks NWR2631Map12/8/2009
Wacissa River-3647Map12/10/2008
Wakulla River-2220Map12/10/2008
Big Bend Saltwater Trail5812Map12/8/2009
Cedar Key6593Map5/5/2011
Cow Creek-2629Map12/14/2008
Dallus Creek2826Map12/8/2009
Econfina River State Park-2391 12/8/2009
Horseshoe Beach-2165 11/8/2014
Little Wekiva-2316Map12/14/2008
Shell Mound-2088 12/11/2008
Steinhatchee River-2548Map12/10/2008
Suwannee NWR-2118 12/11/2008
Waccasassa River3550Map6/5/2011
Withlacoochee North-2548Map12/10/2008
Baird Creek-3635Map12/14/2008
Blue Run-3141Map12/10/2008
Chain Of Lakes Blueway-2415 12/11/2008
Chassahowitzka River7994Map1/25/2017
Crawford Creek-2313Map12/10/2008
Crystal River7203Map12/8/2009
Crystal River Preserve St Pk3386 12/8/2009
Gum Slough7331Map9/10/2011
Halls River-2708Map12/8/2008
Hammock Creek-2363Map12/10/2008
Homosassa River-2936Map12/15/2008
Hope Bayou-3440Map12/10/2008
Jenkins Creek-2999Map12/10/2008
Jumper Creek-3584Map12/15/2008
Mud River-3033Map12/10/2008
New River Corridor-2069 12/11/2008
Pine Island, Hernando3461 12/8/2009
Pithlachascotee River-2579Map12/10/2008
Price Creek Loop-2077Map1/25/2017
Rainbow River4637Map1/25/2017
Turnpike Blueway-1667 12/11/2008

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